Gary’s Glue Transparent Clear Adhesive Sealant


Gary’s Glue Transparent belongs to the new generation of MS-polymer sealants, which combines the best qualities from silicone- and polyurethane sealants. The sealant cures by reaction with the moisture in the air to an elastic joint.

Gary’s Glue Transparent is completely odourless, neutral and fast curing. It can be painted and has a remarkable resistance to climatic influence. Gary’s Glue Transparent does not contain solvents, silicone or isocyanate.

Gary’s Glue Transparent is used for assembling in the body work-, ship- and container industries, where hard and resistant bonding / sealing are required. Gary’s Glue Transparent is also suitable for joints in wooden and concrete floors.

Gary’s Glue Transparent can be used for interior jointing. As an adhesive, Gary’s Glue Transparent can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Gary’s Glue Transparent is approved for indirect contact to foodstuff.

Application: The tip of the cartridge is cut off with a keen knife after which the tip is cut with

an inclined cut, which is a little smaller than the width of the joint. The sealant is

applied by means of a hand- or pneumatic gun.

Curing: Skin forming within approx. 20-40 min at 23 °C and 50 % RH and for the transparent

Approx. 3-5 min. at 23 °C and 50 % RF.

Transparent: approx. 2.5 mm/day at 23 °C and 50 % RF.

10 mm/week at 23 °C and 50 % RH.

The curing time is slowed down at lower temperatures and lower relative


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