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Hot Glue Sticks

Gary’s Glue online glue shop is part of the Eva-Tec Adhesive family and with over 30 years’ experience in the glue game we know how to help you get the job stuck!

Benefits of Hot Glue Gun Sticks:

  • Extremely fast setting.
  • Instant holding bond.
  • Long-lasting glue bond.
  • Easy to use.
Our glue sticks are already in use by many of the blue-chip companies throughout Ireland. These companies benefit from our expert glue knowledge and top-class customer service. Hot Glue Gun Sticks are used in many different industries throughout Ireland, from paper converters, florists, curtain manufactures and lots more! Our range of premium adhesive products will help you get the job done right the first time! It is important to use the correct glue stick for the substrates you intend to glue. There are a lot of basic glue sticks available in the market place and these glue sticks work well for different art projects. However, if you are in the industry and have to make sure your product stays glued in the market place then you are better off using a glue stick that is specifically designed for your application. Below you can browse through the selection of premium adhesive products that cover a fast range of specific applications. When you click on a product below there is a description that tells you what that glue stick can bond too. Collectively the glue sticks below can glue to the following substrates: paper, board, plastics, ceramics, aluminium, fibreglass, hardwoods and different lacquers & Varnishes. Our premium adhesive products work in many different environments and have to withstand a vast range of extreme conditions. Collectively the glue sticks above can withstand extreme conditions like a deep freeze, High heat resistance, Microwaves, Ovens and Kitchen freezers. If you are working on an important project don’t just use any glue stick, make sure it is a premium glue stick from Gary’s Glue.